Consulting services

We work in short consulting phases, and a typical consulting engagement phases lasts about 30 days.

Often, our clients are enthusiastic after our executive education workshops and they express a desire to keep the momentum going and leverage the energy generated during the sessions.

Sometimes, senior executive teams want to jump-start their innovation or transformation efforts by getting alignment within the executive committee, then build enthusiasm around a very collaborative approach for which co-creation is well suited. 

In these many cases, our consulting approach starts by an alignment / internal workshop where we use our co-creation approach to structure a program, engage participants and ensure ownership of workstreams, then proceed to run co-creation workshops and develop platforms of engagement that will allow true co-creation (internally, with customers, suppliers, other stakeholders...)

Our approach is very collaborative, we are not subject matter experts in our clients’ businesses; our clients are. We are facilitators of a powerful strategic approach that respects our clients culture and point of view. 

Typical fees for a 30 days phase range from $25,000 to $70,000.

Executive education

We run workshops that can be designed for two hours or two days.

A typical setting for a two hour session would be at a conference, where we would share our definition and conceptual structure of co-creation, an overview of the tools that can be used to make it happen, live examples, and potential applications pertinent to your  topic. Most of the time the audience is in listening mode, but in some instances, we organize short breakout sessions beyond the usual Q&A, and start working on actionable topics. Fees for typical short workshops range from $2500 to $7500.

A typical setting for a longer one or two day workshop would be a company specific session, or a ECCP taught class within a training program.  After a broad introduction of the concept and tools of co-creation, we engage the audience and organize breakout groups to start working on actual issues while learning the approach. Reports from groups allow for dynamic exchange and concrete outputs. Such workshops usually allow companies to move forward with structured efforts. Fees for customized workshops range from $7,500 to $12,500.

Anywhere between a few hours and two days is possible, with varying degrees of customization. For highly customized sessions, we need to add preliminary interviews and preparation days to our participation, above the fees stated above.


company specific or through associations


workshop driven short engagements

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