Francis Gouillart co-authored an article called, Co-Creation in Government for the Stanford Social Innovation Review in Spring 2015.

Francis Gouillart's article "The race to implement co-creation of value with stakeholders: five approaches to competitive advantage"  was published in January 2014 issue of the Strategy and Leadership Journal. 

Francis Gouillart's essay included in new Harvard Business Review ebook, published July 2013:


Raymond V. Gilmartin (Editor), Steven E. Prokesch (Editor)

"Co-create an experience that customers value"

Feature article in CONTACT CENTER PIPELINE July 2013 issue

In an interview with author Susan Hash, Francis Gouillart describes how co-creation is a change in mindset from traditional process improvement initiatives.  As many more companies shift from being company-centric to more focused on customer experience, more and more people are interested in co-creation with customers and other stakeholders. "Co-creation is about ongoing engagement that includes collaboration with internal stakeholders. It is more about the relationship than a task." 

"Big data NSA spying is not even an effective strategy"

is an article written by Francis Gouillart on the limitations of obtaining great insights from Big Data. FORTUNE MAGAZINE Top Pick, June 10, 2013.  

"Value Co-Creation: Partnering with customers in a new energy enterprise"

Article in FORNIGHTLY SPARK, MAY 2013 issue

Francis Gouillart, with co-authors Andy McKenna and Ryan Cahill, wrote about how utilities are no longer a one-way business. The industry’s future growth will be found in value co-creation with customers.

​by Francis Gouillart and Douglas Billings, April 2013 This Harvard Business Review article illustrates how a large brick-and-mortar healthcare business was able to change the rules of its industry.

"Co-Creation: The Real Social-Media Revolution"

HBR blog by Francis Gouillart on December 4, 2012

The Power of Co-Creation by Venkat Ramaswamy and Francis Gouillart (Simon & Schuster Free Press)

This major new business book presents co-creation as the new re-engineering. The book provides a framework for managers and case studies on how leading businesses are using co-creation platforms to supercharge marketing, sales, R&D, product development, and management.

"Building the Co-Creative Enterprise," Harvard Business Review,

 by Venkat Ramaswamy and Francis Gouillart, October 2010

This companion article to The Power of Co-Creation demonstrates how co-creation puts the human experience at the center of the enterprise's design. The authors highlight important implications for strategy formulation, business process redesign, and value creation.

"Co-Creating Strategy with Experience Co-Creation" by Venkat Ramaswamy and Francis Gouillart
Balanced Scorecard Report, Jul-Aug. 2008

Experience Co-Creation (ECC) is a new paradigm of strategy innovation. It's about how companies can innovate compelling value propositions by co-creating strategy with their customer-facing employees and their customers.

— From the publisher

"How to Activate Your Company's Stakeholders" by Francis Gouillart

Harvard Business Review OnPoint, Fall 2012

This article highlights how several very innovative CEOs have redefined their roles and enagaged multiple stakeholder communities, giving them the platforms that were needed to structure and develop an economic, social and environmental agenda.