upcoming and recent events

Selected events

MEMS Technical Congress at the Hilton Boston Back Bay hotel, May 7, 2015.  Francis leads discussion of co-creation and how it can apply to the MEMS/Sensor ecosystem. 

MEMS Executive Congress, at JW Marriott Scottsdale Camelback Inn and Resort in Scottsdale, AZ, November 7, 2014.  Francis gave a KEYNOTE speech -  "Getting to a Trillion Sensors:  Why MEMS Engineers Have to Become Ecosystem Co-Creators." 

Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) 50th Annual Conference. May 19-22, 2014 Orlando, FL.  Francis Gouillart was a highly featured speaker. 

Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) 49th Annual Conference, May 20-22, 2013 Hollywood, FL.  Francis Gouillart ran three co-creation sessions, in collaboration with Hyatt.

ARDA World 2013, Annual Convention April 7-11, 2013 Hollwood, Florida. Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa. Francis spoke on opportunites for using co-creation to innovate in marketing to the Millenials.

PDMA Product Innovation Conference October 22, 2012 Orlando, FL.  – Francis Gouillart and Doug Billings from PwC ran an innovation lab on co-creation.

SAMA University  October 24/25, 2012 Chicago, IL.  – Francis Gouillart and Doug Billings from PwC spoke on co-creation in the B2B environment.

Strategic Account Management Association (SAMA) 28th Annual Conference, May 8, 2012 San Diego, CA.  –Francis Gouillart ran a session on co-creation in a B2B setting.

PDMA 35th Product Innovation Management Annual Global Conference, Oct. 29-Nov. 2, 2011 Phoenix – Francis Gouillart was a keynote speaker. 

12th International Management Congress, July 5, Porto Alegre, Brazil – Francis Gouillart gave a keynote speech titled "Co-creating sustainable relationships with stakeholders"

HSM World Business Forum 2011, June 27-28, 2011, Buenos Aires – Francis Gouillart gave a keynote speech on co-creation at this leading business conference in Brazil

PDMA Conference on Social Product Development and Co-Creation, June 27-28, 2011, Phoenix – Venkat Ramaswamy, co-author of The Power of Co-Creation, was a keynote speaker at this conference chaired by our strategic partner PwC

Front End of Innovation 2011, May 16-18, 2011, Boston - Francis Gouillart was a keynote speech and lead a special conference segment on Experience-Driven Innovation

HSM Expo Management, Nov. 9, 2010, Sao Paulo – Francis Gouillart spoke on customer engagement at this leading business conference in Brazil

Technology Services World, Oct. 19–20, 2010, Las Vegas – Francis Gouillart gave a keynote speech titled "Are Service Processes Dead? in collaboration with Denise Rundle, Microsoft

Solar Power International Conference, Oct. 12–14, 2010, Los Angeles – Francis Gouillart spoke on the application of co-creation to B2B environmental issues

Sustainability Innovators Working Group, Esty Environmental Partners, Sept. 23, 2010, Washington, D.C.– Francis Gouillart spoke on the application of co-creation to corporate sustainability issues. (Invitation-only event.)

Usine Nouvelle workshop, May 19–20, 2010, Paris – Francis Gouillart led a workshop for B2C and B2B companies on "Co-creation: an innovative enterprise transformation approach centered on customer experience," in conjunction with French magazine Usine Nouvelle and PwC